Sites Like Iso Hunt Client

This is a torrent provider that is considered one of the best so long the peer to peer torrent system is concerned. It contains lots of files and is not limited to just one genre of content. Some of its contents include apps, programs, software, books, movies, videos, music, etc. Regardless of what you are looking for, IsoHunt can always make it available.

IsoHunt is amazing. Nonetheless, not everyone is comfortable using it. There are people that like what it offers but will rather go for another Torrent provider. 

Do you fall into the class of people that are interested in working with other torrent providers aside IsoHunt? You should know what its alternatives are.

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is a great alternative for anyone that is looking to enjoy amazing internet contents without paying a fee but does not want to use IsoHunt. It is verified and provides such contents as software, apps, TV shows, movies, games, anime movies, etc.

Lime Torrent is independent and does not play host to the torrents of other platforms that provide torrents.


This is a platform set aside for files that are torrent based. These files can either be streamed or downloaded. This platform makes use of a magnet link downloading system. Due to this system, users can download torrent files either through a download manager or by using a torrent client. In addition to being a worthy alternative of IsoHunt, 133x is widely used by people from various parts of the world.

If you are looking to stream or download TV programs, adult movies, music, movies, original documentaries, apps, and animes, this torrent in one you can trust.


This torrent provider is a great alternative to IsoHunt. It also is very active. Due to how active it is, its users do not have to bother about how recent its contents are. It is constantly working and is always releasing fresh content. Some of the torrent files that can be enjoyed on this platform are TV shows, movies, music, anime, etc.

This IsoHunt alternative features an advanced search engine system that makes locating contents very easy. Furthermore, visitors to this site are able to share their torrent files. This is one way it stands out from other torrent providers.


This torrent provider is one that makes use of the peer to peer system. It contains a huge collection of torrent files running in their thousands. In addition to the number of files it contains, you can be certain of enjoying contents in very high quality.

The torrent files on this platform are updated regularly. You, therefore, will never face the challenge of running out of content regardless of how much time to put into downloading streaming contents.


If you are more concerned about quality, then, this is a torrent provider that will do you a lot of good. It was designed to allow its users to download whatever content they want to. Furthermore, SumoTorrent features an automatic repair system that ensures the torrent file is fixed if a crash occurs.


Mininova is easy to use and provides its users with various kinds of torrent files. In addition to being a website that was designed for downloading torrent files, users are also allowed to upload torrents. 

Some of the torrent files that can be gotten from this site are TV shows, TV programs, software, pictures, books, music, movies, games, books, animes, etc.

Although Mininova can be used by virtually everyone, you might be unable to locate some files because it is not as comprehensive as a lot of torrent providers. This means you might get disappointed once in a while if you are unable to get what you are looking for.


Contained in the torrent provider are so many contents that it will be impossible to finish seeing them in the course of a lifetime. This platform is free and super-fast. This torrent provider does not just make use of its own search engine. It also enjoys support from a lot of highly rated torrent providers.


Otherwise known as YTS, YifyTorrents is a very famous torrent provider and is home to millions of torrent files. Although this torrent provider is home to lots of contents, all it has are movies. The implication of these is if you are searching for any content other than movies, it is not the right torrent provider for you.

Since this torrent provider focuses on only movies, you can trust it to provide you with the best available movies. In addition to having the best movies, you can always have fresh content whenever you need them.


Although this torrent provider no longer exists. It was simply dedicated to anime movies. While it existed, it was the best torrent provider for people looking to download or stream animes. Regardless of the type of anime movie, Nyla always had it in its library.


RARBG was established in 2008 it has an impressive interface and makes it possible to explore multiple sections. On this platform are lots of advertisements. Due to this, it might not be an ideal site for people that are irritated by popups. Regardless of this flaw, it is a popular torrent provider and enjoys a great deal of patronage.


On this platform, visitors are free to search and download magnet links and torrent links. They, however, are not limited to doing these. They can also contribute to magnet links. This platform is very user friendly. Furthermore, it has lots of tools that can be described as significant. Due to the simple interface of this torrent provider, you do not need to go through any struggle before finding whatever file you are interested in.

On this platform, you can carry out high-level search. You simply need to make use of the boxes provided.

Library Genesis

Otherwise known as LibGen, this platform is focused on books. It is rich in ebooks and articles of different topics. These articles and eBooks are broken down into different categories. You, therefore, will not go through any struggle to find whatever you are searching for.


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